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Winner Summer Comp M Tierney

Winners Blind pairs, M Tierney & R Forward

Runners up Blind pairs D Mc Crudden & Toto Kelly

Ok a quick run down from today: firstly welcome to today’s new members Richard and Daniel Mc Crudden. Today, at last, saw the Summer Cup Comp take place at Rectory Lodge. Fishing conditions were hard to say the least and an unusually small amount of fish caught, 80 in total. But once again Mark Tierney finished ahead with 16 fish to the net and for the second year in a row winner of the Weigh Inn Angling Club Summer Cup. As an extra comp today The Weigh inn Bar put up an extra £100 for a blind pairs comp along side the main comp. Mark Tierney was lucky enough to partner the inform Raymond Forward (lol) winning the £60 for most caught with a new young angler Daniel Mc Crudden helping Toto to lift 2nd place and £40.
A poor turnout today for this once a year comp but the craic was good.
6 large pizzas and a few pints were provided by the bar after but only a few came back.!!!.
Thanks to Gerry at the Rectory for hosting the event and doing what he could to help ensure a good day out. Looking forward to the next comp

At last the last comp in the winter league. The top 4 points anglers in the league had a chance of winning the league today and indeed a few others close enough to the leaders if things went well. 13 anglers took part today in a comp that we were not experienced in (pike fishing) but I think we all agree that pike fishing will be a more of a part of this years club outings. Going into today ToTo Kelly was league leader with Mark Tierney close in second. Neechy was in with a chance in 3rd place but Cahir Mc Govern in 4th place came through with a fantastic 15 fish today just pipping Mark Tierney with 10 pike to win league outright and walking away with £200 and mark in 2nd winning £150. Michael Tierney ended the league with the heaviest trout £150 and ciaran 2nd heaviest and £100. On the day Toto Kelly got himself into the prizemoney landing the heaviest fish £60 and Raymond Forward most fish £50. Neechy starting in 3rd place only managed 3 fish and didn’t get near at anytime. The first part of the day left it exciting with the top 2 and cahir matching fish for fish but the 2nd half and the change of pegs left mark and cahir fighting it out. The pike fishing experience of cahir shone through bringing him from 4th to first with a 30 point lead. All in all it was a great day out for wiac and over 50 pike caught in one day between 13 wasn’t bad! A very big thank you to Willy G for scoring, pegging out, helping with baiting up for us novices and helping make the day a great success. Here’s to the next comp and anyone thinking of joining the club, do it you won’t be disappointed because the craic is what it’s all about.

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Micky Donaghy Memorial Sea Competition.  Winner Eamo.


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£580 in prize pot after 4 comps. Next comp Pike (10pts per pike)

Another day out for wiac at Glenkeen for the last trout comp off the Winter League. Heaviest today went to Toto Kelly winning £60 and tying with Neechy  on 12 fish for the day but out pointing him was Mark Tierney winning £40 (£100 sponsored by the weigh inn) 15 anglers turned up today and we had the lake to ourselves thanks to the owner closing the lake for us to hold the comp. 92 fish caught in unsuitable conditions, no breeze, full sunshine is testament to how good a fishery this is and is well worth a visit, plenty of hard fighting well conditioned fish is the norm with fish up to 25lb+ . Thanks to Lez and to the anglers turning up today. The new leader board will be up tomorrow.



AGM coming up this month details to follow.











Summer Comp Cup  Sunday 30th sept, no lines in water before 10 am, 3 points deducted if this rule is broken. 45 min peg changes 1 pm break for lunch. Restart 1.45 finish 6.15pm. Back to bar for food and refreshments and prize giving. Winner most fish caught Summer Cup + £150 heaviest fish £80 second most fish caught £50. The Weigh Inn Angling Club will be adding £100 to the entry fees. Entry fee for comp is usual £10 + fishery charges.  The Rectory is putting on a stew for lunch, thanks Gerry.


Toto Kelly 2nd most fish £50


Drunken hallions


Barry Brannigan heaviest fish £80


Winner of Summer Comp Cup & £150 Mark Tierney receiving prize from Ernie Coburn WIAC president.




Our sea outing Sunday 28th June The Mickey Donaghy Memorial Competition.  A great days craic as usual with a few well deserved beers and grub after in the bar.  Winner Neechy with a thorn back ray.












The Weigh Inn Angling Club members held the final of the Spring League at Birchwood yesterday. Aftyer getting off to a flyer Cahir narrowed the gap with a fish on nearly every cast while Mark sat on his perch dying from the night before and unable to connect with anything even a phone signal. As the day went on Mark got into his stride and just kept ahead by 4 points and winning the event and £200. Only 4 points separated him and Cahir who finished 2nd £80. Michael Tierney had the heaviest overall fish off the comp 8.6 lb winning £120. Sean Kelly finished with the 2nd heaviest fish 7.5lb winning £60. In the Weigh Inn Extra prize R Forward had most fish £60 and M Wilson had heaviest fish 6.4lb.
Thanks to all who attended the comps over the 4 months and hope that a few more members will take part in the next competitions, still the craic was good and we now know how to stop Mark, take him out the night before.

1 Mark Tierney 59 pts (6.6lb)
2 Cahir Mc Govern 55 pts (6.4lb)
+ 3 Neechy 37pts (5.5lb)
+ 4 Mark wilson 31 pts (6.4lb)
+ 5 Raymond Forward 38 pts (5lb)
6 Sean Kelly 32 pts (7.5lb)
7 Michael tierney 28 pts (8.6lb)
+ 8 Aidan Loughrey 28 pts
+ 9 Conor Loughrey 26 pts
+ 10 John Harkin 29 pts
+ 11 Joe Mc Crory 14 pts
+ 12 T J Arkinson 13 pts
+ 13 J J Harkin 7 pts
+ 14 Barry Brannigan 5 pts
+ 15 Ernie Coburn 5 pts
+ 16 C Mc Cartney 5 pts

Total Prize Fund £560 including (extra £100 prize donated by The Weigh Inn Bar for + anglers) Most points 1st prize, 2nd prize heaviest fish, 3rd prize second most points, 4th prize second heaviest fish. Weigh Inn bonus prize (handicappers) £60 most points, £40 heaviest fish.




Our wee weekend away in Ballina












fish 3








barry  boat cahir     help johnny jjjoebig gub




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