Darts Results

3 week Div 2 results

Results for 3 week comp:
1 A Newton 56 (ld 23)
2 D RIGBY 56 (ld 18)
3 M Tierney 52
4 L Fowler50
5 M Mc Gillion 49
6 S Mc Kenna 48
7 I mc Combs 48
8 M Quigley 48

D Mc Callion 47
B Conway 46
P Houston 45
T Meehan 44
D Gallagher 42
E Graham 42
A Loughrey 41
M Clyde 40
Top 8 qualify open draw. Top 8 paid .
Top points A Newton (with leg difference ) ¬£150. Well done.ūüėÄ
Increased payout: Winner £500, runner up £250 , semis £175 last 8 £100.
All other players (32) open draw

Winner Anthony Newton £650 runner up Lindsay Fowler £250 3 week round robin comp. Side event winner Adrian mc Monigle £200, runner up Peter mc Dermott £100. An enjoyable comp and well played all. £2300 in total.

r £200, runner up £100, semis £75 last 8 £50. Total £2300.

2017 Festival Of Darts

And so once again The Weigh Inn Festival of Darts has passed and once again a great success. The Friday Night “Aaron Mc Menamin” Festival Shoot Out Classic attracted 112 players which is the first time almost all 96 players took part plus a few more. It shows the high regard they had for young Aaron by wanting to play in this inaugural event. Sorry it went on so late but couldnt be helped, it will be done slightly different to save time next year. Our good friend James Richardson beat Brendan Dolan in the final. Both players gave Aarons mother Margaret the trophies to keep and also their sets of darts used in the match as a memento. A few emotional speeches finished of the night. Saturday saw the qualifiers start at 1pm and 6.30pm with 6 players at 8 boards both sessions. To win through a group on any board you had to have your “A” game as the standard of darts was outstanding to say the least, 11 12 13 dart finishes were common on all boards, a few 170 checkouts also pleased the crowds watching. All board finishers were posted already so wont name them again. Sunday saw the finals day for all three comps start at 12 noon with The Consolation Comp won by Roy Bailie beating Shane Mc Quirk in the final. Next up was the Weigh Inn Classic contested by James Delahunty and local Davy guy with Davy coming out on top. Last up was the big one The Weigh Irish Open. Once again this match went to the wire (as usual every irish Open final has ended 7 – 6 ) contested by local player Justy Mc Guigan and Belfast player Neil Duff and boy did they put on a show for the crowds watching. No matter what Justy threw at Neil he came back at him and edged him out 7-6 and putting another new name on the trophy. Take a bow Neil Duff well done Justy, super darts.
I would like to thank board sponsors, G Mc Girven, Woods Engineering, Tierney’s Auto repairs , X Cat Omagh, Electronics Direct, JJ Meegan Accountants, Aidan Loughrey, Flynn Belfast. Hope haven’t left anyone out. A big thanks to all who bought tickets in the “180” Draw outright and to those who bought the scratch cards winning a ticket. Only 43 to sell now before the draw is made live on fb. Thanks to callers and the chalkers for the finals board and to the bar staff for keeping the crowds hydrated lol.
Last but not  least a big thank you to all the players who descended on The Weigh Inn at the weekend from all parts of the Island and across the water with their wives, partners, and friends. A lot of new faces this time which is good for the game and made a lot of new friends. A great bunch off people to have in the bar, the craic was 90! It makes it all worth while when you look around and see so many renewing friendships, making friendships and enjoying the weekend. Superb darts, superb people and thanks for coming.
On a final note next years festival is back to the usual weekend, 2nd weekend August 10th 11th 12th
Knew I forgot something, a big thank you to D Gurney for sponsoring the trophies for the festival. I know he would have loved to have been here to try win the Friday night Aaron Mc Menamin Shoot out Classic but was in Australia furthering his career. Thanks Darryl.

Davy Guy Winner Weigh Inn Classic Jason Delahunty Runner Up Weigh inn Classic

Neill Duff winner 2017 Festival Of Darts Irish Open

Justy Mc Guigan runner up 2017 Festival of Darts Irish Open

Roy Bailie winner Festival of darts Consolation comp

Brendan Dolan runner up Aaron Mc Menamin Festival of Darts Shoot Out Classic

James Richardson winner Aaron Mc Menamin Festival of Darts Shoot Out Classic

NEW COMPS!! 5 week div 1 and div 2. No registration fee but £7 per player per night. Prize money = all entry fees + £600 added (divided on a pro rata basis). Double in РDouble Out. Points 8 Р6 Р4 Р2 + 1pt per leg won. Also 5pts added every night played. Best of 7 legs each night starting 9pm. Number of qualifiers in each division will be determined by numbers turning up. Dates Mon 28th Nov, 5th Dec, 12th Dec, 9th Jan, 16th Jan. Finals tba. There are a few changes to div 1 and div 2 players.

20161114_094319 20161114_094341



J MC Govern winner Div 2 £400


S Murphy runner up div 2 £200


D Guy winner div 1 £400 runner up E Treanor £200


S Mc Kenna winner div 2 side event £130, runner up D Gallagher £60. Semis £30

(Winner side event Div 1 C Brady, £80 runner up D Gallagher £40)

At last that’s over, remind me never to run a round robin comp again (lol.) Qualifiers: Div 1 J Clancy-G Carlin, A Devine-E Treanor, D Guy-S Hagan, P Mein-F Mc Brearty. Div 2 S Murphy-L Mc Fadden, J Mc Govern- A Mc Menamin, P Mc Dermott-I Mc Comb, P Houston-E Graham. Dress code on Sunday at 4pm for above players. Winners ¬£400, Runners Up ¬£200, Semis ¬£100, last 8 ¬£50 both comps.
Side Event Div 1 G Mc Quillan, D Mc Entee, D Gallagher, J Porter, R Mc Mahon, C Brady, J Elliott, D Mc Callion, R Donnell, J Lockhart, A Byrne,
Side event Div 2 J Gallagher, G Dallas, A Loughrey, B Conway, S Mc Kenna, G Blair, M Clyde, S Conlon, D Gallagher, A Mc Clelland, J Harkin, C Friel, J Hetherington, G Friel, A Wilson, J Mossgrove, D Duggan, N Donnelly.
Providing all the above turn up for side event (¬£5 entry) pay out Div 1 winner ¬£100, R U ¬£50, Semis, ¬£25…
Div 2 Winner £130, R Up £60, Semis £30 (pay out based on all turning up)

Any 24 of the names below interested in a Round Robin Comp starting Monday week. 4 groups of 6 playing each other twice ( 2 matches per night) £10 reg + £6 per player per night. Top 2 in each group through to finals top 8 paid. Winner each comp £400, £200, £100, £50

1 A Devine
2 G Carlin
3 D Mc Callion
4 T Hart
5 J Porter
6 A Byrne
7 C Brady
8 F Mc Brearty
9 D Guy
10 J Mc Guigan
11 R Reid
12 P Walmsley
13 D Moane
14 C Maxwell
15 C Jackson
16 P Atkinson
17 N Mc Grail
18 S Hagan
19 N Rafferty
20 D Cassidy
21 D Mc Govern
22 E Mc Govern
23 M Fivey
24 R Mc Mahon
25 R Mc Gahey
26 J Elliott
27 J Lockhart
28 P Mein
29 B Mallon
30 E Treanor
31 G Mc Quillan
If I have left anyone out who is interested let me know

Any 24 of the names below interested in a Round Robin Comp starting Monday week. 4 groups of 6 playing each other twice ( 2 matches per night) £10 reg + £6 per player per night. Top 2 in each group through to finals top 8 paid.

1 D Gallagher
2 P Houston
3 M Cooke
4 M Wilson
5 J Gallagher
6 E Graham
7 S Conlon
8 L Roy
9 A Mc Clelland
10 A Mc Menamin
11 G Friel
12 J Harkin
13 S Doherty
14 S Noble
15 A Wilson
16 J Hetherington
17 C Friel
18 D Duggan
19 P Loughrey
20 L Mc Fadden
21 A Loughrey
22 B Conway
23 S Mc Kenna
24 G Dallas
25 S Murphy
26 I Mc Combs
If I have left anyone out who is interested let me know. Winner each comp £400, £200, £100, £50

Finals night for the 2 x 5 week comps, div 1 and div 2 Monday night 8.30pm for the prelims. Revised pay-outs due to the poor turnout for div 1 (11 players average per night) winner £300 Runner up £150 semis £100. Div 2 (17 players average per night) winner £400, runner up £200 semis £100 last 8 £50. Entry fees div 1 £440 entry fees div 2 £770 = £1210 pay-out = £1650. Dress code please. All other players who played during the 5 weeks can play a money in money out comp on Monday night also £5 in

Well done to Colin Brady winning the 5 week div 1 comp beating Roni Mc Mahon in the final, Denise Cassidy and Richard Reid lost out in the semis. Div 2 was won by Shane Conlon coming through from the prelims to beat Eddie Graham in a hard fought final. Well done all!

The Weigh Inn Festival of darts 2016

Over for another year… The Weigh Inn Festival of Darts 2016 lived up to expectations again with a weekend of top class darts from top class dart players. Once again it was proved that you have to bring your “A” game to progress in this high standard competition. From the Friday night double in comp the “Shoot – Out Classic” to the “Classic” and The Weigh inn “Irish Open” the big crowds attending witnessed super darts with 10/11/12 dart finishes and 6 x 170 check outs and 180’s to numerous to count. The Friday night comp went to Brendan Dolan with runner up spot going to our regular visitor from across the water James Richardson (Josh won it last year). Finals day on Sunday after the qualifiers on Saturday brought a great crowd of supporters in to watch and boy they were not disappointed. The Weigh Inn Classic went to a nail biter with John Porter just nicking it from Roy Baillie 6-5. The Weigh Inn Open as usual went to the wire with Daryl Gurney edging out Mickey Mansell 7-6 in a very entertaining match. The Consolation Comp was won by Richard Reid beating Barry Mallon in the final (sorry no photo) As usual everything ran smoothly thanks to the players carrying out their duties as regards chalking and being at the boards when their matches were scheduled. We would like to thank all who took part, the players, the supporters and indeed the extra bar staff who worked endlessly keeping the refreshments flowing lol. Thanks to the chalkers and the callers for covering the semis and the finals. Roll on 2017 ??????

J Porter Winner Weigh Inn Classic

J Porter Winner Weigh Inn Classic


R Reid Winner Weigh Inn Consolation comp.

B Dolan winner Shoot Out Classic

B Dolan winner Shoot Out Classic


D Gurney winner Weigh Inn Irish Open


James Richardson Runner Up Shoot Out Classic


Team Richardson supporting The Weigh Inn Bar


M Mansell Runner Up Weigh Inn Irish Open

A great night of darts as expected for the finals of the 8 week pairs comp. The standard of darts was exceptional as usual in The Weigh Inn with high check outs, 180’s and 12/13/14 dart finishes the order of the night. The 2nd tier event was won by Lindsay Mc Fadden and Felix Mc Brearty beating Paul Mein and Shane Murphy in the final (winners ¬£350 runners up ¬£200) semis ¬£100. The main event saw J Porter and A Byrne against the fancied pairing of A Devine and G Carlin in the final but Porter and Byrne put on a great show of darts hitting high scores and their doubles when needed and walking away with ¬£800 and the runners up ¬£400. Semis ¬£250 and last 8 ¬£150. Another successful competition¬† in The Weigh Inn Bar.

13340217_294904630851311_8129212065811756658_o 13346352_294904634184644_8506044442385114083_o 13403259_294904587517982_3431329613907118340_o 13403743_294904734184634_4770227319129433475_o 13411666_294904544184653_568058393302282027_o 13403831_294904730851301_3708248952865917815_o



Winner of division 2 4 week comp S Murphy £350, runner up L Mc Fadden £200

Winner of division 1 4 week comp J Lockhart £175, runner up R Mc Gahey £100

div 2 div1

Winner of yesterday’s xmas open darts comp Scott Harpur ¬£250 Runner up Paul Mein ¬£125. Scott played super darts all day coming through the toughest section beating j Murray, justy mc Guigan, Davy Guy Felix mc Brearty. Well played. 40 players turned up on the day and a big thanks to them. Last 8 paid.




WEEK 1 29 players £194 + £130 = £324 d1 14 div 2 15
Week 2 32 players £224 + £130 = £354 d1 13 d2 20
Week 3 29 players £203 + £130 = £ 333 d1 8 d2 21
Week 4 32 players £224 + £130 = £354 d1 12 d2 20
Week 5 27 players £189 + £130 = £319 div 1 7 div 2 20
Week 6 31 players £217 + £130 = £347 div 1 11 div 2 20
Week 7 29 players £203 + £130 = £333 div 1 12 div 2 17
Week 8 29 players £203 + £130 = £333 div 1 11 div 2 18

(Average after 8 88 weeks div 1 = 11)
(Average after 8 151 weeks div 2 = 19)

£1200 Added by The Weigh Inn = £2873
Div 1 = £616
Div 2 = £1057

Div 2 payout = £1857
Div 2 payout = £1016

Div 2 winner £600
Runner up £250
Semis £150
Last 8 £125
2 missed out £75
(Total £1800)
Div 1 winner £500
Runner up £200
Semis £100
Last 8 £50
(Total £1100)


Justy mc Guigan winner div 1 £500 Runner up Noel Gates £200


Gerry Maguire winner div 2 £600 Runner up Jason Elliott £250

Yesterday was finals day at the Weigh Inn Bar for the 2 x 8 week comps for division 1 and division 2 players. A fantastic day of high scores and high checkouts was the order of the day. A total of £3100 was paid out. congratulations to Gerry Maguire winning the division 2 comp & £600 and to Jason Elliott runner up £250. Congratulations also to Justy Mc Guigan winner division 1 £500 after a hard fought match with runner up Noel Gates £200. Also in the money division 2 J Lockhart £150 Richard Mc Gahey £150, P houston, P Wamsley, E Graham, Ivor Mc Combe on £125 each. Division 1 D Guy £100, F Mc Brearty £100, J Porter, C Brady, D Mc Callion, K Kevine £50 each. The side event for the non qualifiers was won by R Reid £100, G Blair runner up £50 + £75 for playoff loser, A Mc Clelland £75 playoff loser, C Friel and L Mc Fadden £25 semis. A big thank you to all who took part over the last 8 weeks making this a very successful and high standard darts competition. Roll on the next!


The Laurence Brannigan Memorial 2015


Ron Seddon winner Davy Guy Runner up


Ron Seddon with Barry Brannigan



Once again The Weigh inn Festival of Darts weekend was a great success with a couple of new names to add to the trophies. Well done to Sean Mc Kinney, Niall Mc Grail, Josh Richardson and David Concannon on their well deserved wins, and well done also to all who made it to the runner up spots. A great weekend of top class darts in all the competitions enjoyed by all who played and came along to watch. The festival always brings out the best in players and the “A” game is needed as the standard is so high. A big thank you to all who entered and hope to see you all next year. Total pay – out ¬£8800.



Davy Guy runner Weigh Inn Irish Open 2015


David Concannon winner 2015 Weigh Inn Irish Open


Josh Richardson winner Weigh Inn Shoot – Out Classic 2015


Paul Mein Runner – Up Consolation Comp 2015


Niall Mc Grail winner Consolation Comp 2015


Anthony Whoriskey runner up The Weigh Inn Classic 2015


Sean Mc Kinney winner The Weigh Inn Classic 2015


Recent charity Exhibition for Alzheimers

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Paddy Moane Memorial Open Darts


Justy Mc Guigan winner


Colin Maxwell runner up + highest check out 142


Recent Pairs Competition winners


Neil Conroy & Danny Mc Callion winners Pairs Competition


Eoghan Treanor & Justy Mc Guigan Side Event. Winner Justy Mc Guigan



Lindsay Mc Fadden & Felix Mc Brearty runners up Pairs Finals night

Gina Mc Cusker Memorial 2015


Barry Copeland runner up


Felix Mc Brearty winner

Pairs Comp 2015

What a finish to the last night of the pairs qualifying. I said it was close and all to play for last night. Top 6 places filled but there has to be a 3 way playoff for the 2 remaining spots. Results are:

Final Leader Board for 6 week pairs comp!

Final Leader Board for 6 week pairs comp!

Pay out = winner £700, runner up £300, semis £200, last 8 £100. Side event Extra £100 added £6 per player entry on night.

Elligible pairs:

Mc Guigan/Harkin 36
Graham /Weir 34
Mallon /Treanor 34

Brady /Blair 32
Mc Cusker /Mc Govern 32
Lockhart /Murphy 31
Duggan /Mc Govern 29
Mc Menamin/Mc Gahey 27
Mc Clelland/Fitzpatrick 20

Houston/Gallagher + Playoff loser.




martin gallagher


marty derek






C Jackson D Gurney

Andy Martin Semi final £100












Luke Mc Bride £100 semi final

Large crowd attending 1st Gina Mc Cusker Memorial 13th Feb 2011

Large crowd attending 1st Gina Mc Cusker Memorial 13th Feb 2011


Justy mc Guigan Ireland's Weigh Inn Open Classic winner £3500 runner-up A O Neill £2000 also in photo Neechy Donnelly

Justy mc Guigan Ireland’s Weigh Inn Open winner ¬£3500 runner-up A O Neill ¬£2000


Brendan Dolan The Weigh Inn Shoot-Out Classic Winner £500 also in photo Neechy Donnelly

Brendan Dolan The Weigh Inn Shoot-Out Classic Winner £500




Week 3 winner M Mc Gillion runner up P Conolly Monday Night 8 Week league

presentation l b t




















Mc Govern Fisher



Campbell Jackson winner Weigh Inn Shoot Out Classic 2014

Campbell Jackson Weigh Inn Irish Open winner 2014

Justy Mc Guigan winner Consolation Comp 2014

Daryl Gurney winner The Weigh Inn Irish Open 2013

Campbell Jackson winner Weigh Inn Shoot Out Classic: 2013

Dwayne Mc Evoy winner Weigh Inn Consolation comp 2013

Shoot Out Classic Double In Double Out 2013 C Jackson

2011 Gina Mc Cusker Memorial winner

2012 “Gina Mc Cusker Memorial Open Individual winnerBrendan Dolan

The Gina Mc Cusker Memorial Open Darts 2013 C Jackson winner

D Gurney winner  Gina Mc Cusker Memorial 2014

Winner B Dolan  Laurence Brannigan Memorial 2011

Daryl Gurney winner laurence Brannigan memorial 2012

The Laurence Brannigan Memorial 2013  Aodghan O Neill winner

Felix Mc Brearty winner 2013 Open Players Championship

Charlie Grant winner The Weigh Inn Irish Open 2012

Campbell Jackson winner  Weigh inn Shoot Out Classic 2012

Barry Copeland winner The Weigh Inn Classic 2012

M Mansell winner The Weigh Inn Bar Irish Open 2011

James Richardson winner The Weigh Inn Shoot-Out Classic 2011

The Paddy Moane Memorial open darts Mickey Mansell winner 2012

 The Paddy Moane Memorial Open Darts comp  B Copeland winner 2013

Campbell Jackson winner Open Players Championship 2012

B Dolan winner holiday for 4 Marbella, M Mansell runner up entry to players championship Killarney

Daryl Gurney winner Premier League  2011

D Gurney winner Players League 2011