Wednesday League

Sure its better down the pub!

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2015 League

If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!  This poker league has enjoyed success for the last 5 years and the format seems to work.  With a few minor changes this year we will continue along the same lines.  Same entry fee each week, 10k start stack + 2k early bird (extra level in before break) One optional re buy if out before break (£5 for 6k)  Late entry only up to end level 2. (8.45 approx)  40 week league top 15 paid into BoylePoker IPO, players must play on at least 20 nights.  An optional  £2 per player per week roll over “best hand” pot (poker kings or better).  A 25 freeze out every 5th Saturday.  Any extra money at the end of the league will be divided as usual between top 4 on leader board.  League runs from Wednesday 14th Jan til 14th October.


Our very successful Wednesday night league has been going on for over the past five  years.  It has grown from strength to strength and has to be one of the most enjoyable mid week nights out for a small entry fee.  Great banter and craic at the tables is always assured with the numerous women players giving as good as they get.  Our new look Wednesday nights start on Wednesday 7th Jan 2015 with a new format in place: The top 15 players in the league finishing on the last Wednesday before the BoylePoker IPO  in October will win a buy in to The BoylePoker IPO in Dublin providing they have played on at least 20 league nights.
There will be cash prizes for the top 4 places in the league after the 40 weeks.

In the event of any players tied on points the number of nights
played will come into play.  If that too is tied the player with the best
record during the 40 weeks will decide the winner.

Take your game to the next level!